• 10 User Experience Tips For Building PowerApps

10 User Experience Tips for building PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps is a fantastic tool for supporting your business in capturing data and improving efficiency. One of the most important elements is building PowerApps is the User Experience (UX) and there are simple steps you can take to give your users a pain-free journey when using the tools you build. Here are ten of

  • 5 Innovative Ways To Use Power pages In Your Organisation

5 Innovative Ways to use Power Pages in your Organisation

If your organisation presents a lot of data to a lot of people, Microsoft Power Pages gives you a way to curate that data into modern micro-websites that deliver a great user experience. Power Pages is useful for organisations needing to provide external users with secure access to interactive data, such as customer portals, registration

  • Maximise Efficiency: 5 Ways Power Automate Transforms Workplace Productivity

Maximise Efficiency: 5 Ways Power Automate Transforms Workplace Productivity

Have you ever found yourself bogged down by the repetitive and mundane admin tasks that seem to consume an inordinate amount of your workday? Whether it's processing approvals, managing data entries, or simply keeping up with the endless stream of emails, these tasks can significantly detract from the work that truly matters. Enter Power Automate:

  • What are the connections between SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

What are the connections between SharePoint and Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams are designed to work closely together to make team collaboration smooth and efficient. Think of Teams as the go-to spot for all your team chats, meetings, and calls, while SharePoint is like a super library that keeps all your files and documents organized and secure. How SharePoint and Teams are

  • What SharePoint Roles do I need in my organisation

What SharePoint Roles do I need in my organisation?

Every SharePoint Implementation can vary, but Microsoft 365 offers a great list of Roles and Responsibilities that can be used to create order within your SharePoint site structure. Here is a list of the most common roles and their responsibilities that will help you understand the logical hierarchy for your setup. Billing Admin: Assign the

  • SharePoint Team Sites

SharePoint Team Sites

SharePoint Team Sites There is one common issue we face with modern Architecture and it’s causing issues with data storage, governance and navigation. Do we use a SharePoint Team Site or do we create a SharePoint Team Site? The issue is that the Site Templates are named the same and admins are creating the

  • Is SharePoint more than Document Management

Is SharePoint more than Document Management?

As we deliver training and consultancy to customers around the world this question is one that we get asked a lot. Now, more than ever, companies are moving to the cloud and using SharePoint. However, we are finding that companies are putting their files and folders into SharePoint by dumping them in a library,

  • Moving Pages In SharePoint

Moving Pages in SharePoint

Moving Pages in SharePoint Recently, we spoke to a client who had an issue moving pages from one Site Collection to another SharePoint Site Collection. As you may know, we can use the Document library Move feature to move documents to OneDrive and Other Document Libraries around your SharePoint architecture. The issue the

  • Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power The more you know the better the system will work for you.  This is why gaining the knowledge of how to use SharePoint and key Microsoft 365 applications is important for any business and user. Whether you are an end user or a member of IT looking after the Central Administration for

  • Feedback is Essential

Feedback is Essential

Should you give feedback on your training? Do we want your feedback? The answer to both is YES! All training providers need and want feedback from the delegates who have attended their training courses.  The feedback given by the people we train is the only way we know if we are delivering the correct course

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