• Power your business with Power Apps

Power your business with Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps – A more efficient solution for Business It goes without saying that technology is advancing at a considerable rate. Improvements are being made for increased productivity and efficiency is at an all-time high therefore, making it easier for businesses to get more done and reducing the mundane and repetitive tasks. Recently, we

  • Microsoft Teams Adoption

Microsoft Teams Adoption

Microsoft Teams Adoption – Steps to creating a better User Adoption In Our second blog we discuss Microsoft Teams Adoption. I think we could all agree that 2020/21 has been the year of working from home and the cultural shift to remote working has now become more of the norm for everyone. Using Cloud based

SharePoint User Adoption

SharePoint User Adoption Hello and Welcome to our first in a series of blogs about the world of Microsoft 365. Our first article is one that hits home to us often and we get asked very regularly about it. User Adoption for Microsoft SharePoint. In a topic that seems a bit daunting at first, largely

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