• 10 User Experience Tips For Building PowerApps

10 User Experience Tips for building PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps is a fantastic tool for supporting your business in capturing data and improving efficiency. One of the most important elements is building PowerApps is the User Experience (UX) and there are simple steps you can take to give your users a pain-free journey when using the tools you build. Here are ten of

  • Moving Pages In SharePoint

Moving Pages in SharePoint

Moving Pages in SharePoint Recently, we spoke to a client who had an issue moving pages from one Site Collection to another SharePoint Site Collection. As you may know, we can use the Document library Move feature to move documents to OneDrive and Other Document Libraries around your SharePoint architecture. The issue the

  • Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power The more you know the better the system will work for you.  This is why gaining the knowledge of how to use SharePoint and key Microsoft 365 applications is important for any business and user. Whether you are an end user or a member of IT looking after the Central Administration for

  • Feedback is Essential

Feedback is Essential

Should you give feedback on your training? Do we want your feedback? The answer to both is YES! All training providers need and want feedback from the delegates who have attended their training courses.  The feedback given by the people we train is the only way we know if we are delivering the correct course

  • M365 - The correct training

M365 – The correct training

A number of organisations have adopted M365 over the last 18 – 20 months since Covid-19 took hold.  Most have had to make these changes very quickly and without the users having the formal training required to get the best out of the new platform(s) they are using.  Now businesses are realising that there is

  • Power your business with Power Apps

Power your business with Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps – A more efficient solution for Business It goes without saying that technology is advancing at a considerable rate. Improvements are being made for increased productivity and efficiency is at an all-time high therefore, making it easier for businesses to get more done and reducing the mundane and repetitive tasks. Recently, we

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