Microsoft Teams Zero to Hero Training

The Microsoft Teams Zero to Hero training course is designed to give guidance and advice on how to use Microsoft Teams and it’s integration with SharePoint within your day-to-day lives.  Covering all areas that you may need from Chat to Meetings, Document Collaboration and Project Management.

This Microsoft Teams Zero to Hero training course is aimed to provide End-User and Power-Users with the skills and knowledge to expertly use Microsoft Teams, and to also help support and nurture others within their organisation.

In order to get the most from this course, users should be familiar with using a Windows 10 PC, Microsoft Office, and a modern web browser.

Duration – Two Day

Capacity – Up to 10 Delegates

Module 1 – Microsoft Teams Overview

Topic A – What is Microsoft Teams
Topic B – Microsoft Teams Desktop Application v Microsoft Teams Browser
Topic C – Understand how Microsoft Teams integrates with SharePoint
Topic D – Teams within Office 365
Topic E – Licensing
Topic F – Open and Login to Teams
Topic G – Key Navigation and Terminology

Module 2 – Teams Profile and Settings

Topic A – Accessing your user profile
Topic B – Setting up General Teams settings
Topic C – Privacy Settings
Topic D – Notifications and Activity
Topic E – Appearance and accessibility
Topic F – Files and Links
Topic G – Call Settings
Topic H – Captions and Transcripts
Topic I – Device Settings

Module 3 – Using Microsoft Teams Chat

Topic A – Introduction to Chat in Microsoft Teams
Topic B – Creating a Chat with a Group or Individual
Topic C – Adding Users to a Chat
Topic D – Understanding Chat with External Users
Topic E – Chat Commands and Tools
Topic F – Collaborating on Files within Teams Chat
Topic G – Scheduling Meetings from Chat
Topic H – Screen Sharing from Chat
Topic I – Pinning Chat
Topic J – Adding Apps to Microsoft Teams Chat

Module 4 – Video and Audio Calls – Microsoft Teams Chat

Topic A – Start a Call with a User or Group using Teams
Topic B – Device Settings
Topic C – Virtual Backgrounds
Topic D – Screen Sharing
Topic E – Recording
Topic F – Transferring
Topic G – Inviting Others to Call
Topic H – Chat on calls
Topic I – Scheduling Calls on Teams
Topic J – Meeting Breakout Rooms
Topic K – Locking and Unlocking a Meeting
Topic L – Microsoft Whiteboard and Teams Integration

Module 5 – Overview and Creation of Teams within Microsoft Teams

Topic A – What are Teams and Channels?
Topic B – Chat Vs Teams
Topic C – Teams and Office 365 Groups Explained
Topic D – Public or Private Teams
Topic E – Creating a Team
Topic F – Adding Members, Owners and Joining Teams
Topic G – Removing Members
Topic H – Teams Settings

Module 6 – Using a Teams Channel

Topic A – Understanding the different types of Teams Channels
Topic B – Creating a Public Channel
Topic C – Understanding and Creating a Private Channel
Topic D – Understanding and Creating a Shared Channel
Topic E – Sharing Files in a Teams Channel
Topic F – Working on documents in a Teams Channel
Topic G – Adding new Tabs to a Teams Channel
Topic H – Adding a new List to a Teams Channel
Topic I – Adding an existing List to a Teams Channel

Module 7 – Microsoft Teams Integration with SharePoint

Topic A – Understanding how Microsoft Teams works with SharePoint
Topic B – Accessing SharePoint from Teams
Topic C – Understanding where files are stored between Teams and SharePoint
Topic D – Collaborating on documents in Teams App
Topic E – Collaborating on documents in Browser from Teams
Topic F – Collaborating on documents in Office suite from Teams
Topic G – Sharing Files from Teams and best practice
Topic H – Understanding what happens in SharePoint when you create a new channel in teams
Topic I – Connecting an existing SharePoint Site to Teams

Utilising SharePoint via Teams

Module 8 – Navigation

Topic A – Overview of Navigation Types
Topic B – Benefits of Effective Navigation
Topic C – Activity – Use and Modify Top  Link Bar
Topic D – App Launcher Custom Links
Topic E – Web Part Navigation

Module 9 – Using Library Apps in SharePoint and Teams

Topic A – Overview of Document Management
Topic B – Create a Document Library
Topic C – Uploading Documents to SharePoint
Topic D – Saving a Document to SharePoint
Topic E – Creating New Documents within SharePoint
Topic F – Document Versioning and Commenting
Topic G – Check-in and Check-out
Topic H – Content Approval & Sign Off Automation
Topic I – Document Content Types
Topic J – Document Sets
Topic K – Deleting Documents and Document Recovery
Topic L – Sync with OneDrive

Module 10 – Creating and using Views

Topic A – SharePoint Views
Topic B – Views v Folders
Topic C – Creating a Sort view
Topic D – Creating a Filter view
Topic E – Creating a Custom Group by view
Topic F – Using Views on Web Parts

Module 11 – Using Lists and connecting to Teams

Topic A – Microsoft Lists
Topic B – Create a list from a template
Topic C – Create a list from an existing list
Topic D – Create a list from Excel
Topic E – Create a list from scratch
Topic F – Creating and Modifying Columns
Topic G – Attach a Document to a List Item
Topic H- List Form Layout and Configuration

Module 12 – Working with Pages and Web Parts

Topic A – SharePoint Page Types
Topic B – How to Create a New Page
Topic C – How to Edit Existing Pages
Topic D – Changing the Columns and Rows on a page
Topic E – Save Page as a template
Topic F – Adding, Configuring and removing Webparts on a page
Topic G – Removing Pages
Topic H – Page Analytics
Topic G – Removing Pages
Topic I – Set Page as Landing Page
Topic J – Adding Page to Navigation

Module 13 – Working with SharePoint Permissions

Topic A – Understanding SharePoint Permissions
Topic B – Working with SharePoint Security Groups
Topic C – Manage Site Permissions
Topic D – Managing List ,Library and Item Permissions
Topic E – Permissions Levels
Topic F – Guest Users in SharePoint
Topic G – Sharing Content

Module 14 – Managing Teams from Admin Centre

Topic A – Compliance and Management Overview
Topic B – Manage Teams
Topic C – Teams Policies
Topic D – Teams Templates
Topic E – Analytics & Reports
Topic G – Manage access for external users
Topic H – Manage meetings experiences
Topic I – Compliance, Security and Governance Overview

Microsoft Teams Zero to Hero training course

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