Microsoft Power Automate and PowerApps for Beginners

Audience : This course is aimed at more experienced SharePoint Users looking to utilise the Microsoft Power Automate functionality of M365 in SharePoint Online and Forms using Microsoft PowerApps.

Duration : 4 Day

Capacity : Up to 8 Delegates

Course Description : This is a four day course covering both the PowerApps and Power Automate Courses. The course is instructor lead which will be delivered onsite using your own SharePoint system so the delegates get the most from their training with a more hands on experience. The training course demonstrates how to create and build Power Automate to integrate with SharePoint Online and use Microsoft PowerApps for End User Forms and Apps using Microsoft Dynamics 365. If you are looking for specific Power App or Power Automate we also offer them as standalone courses.

Courseware : Courseware will be provided electronically

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Course Outline:

Microsoft Power Automate and PowerApps for Beginners Course Outline

Day 1 & 2

Module 1 – Introduction to Microsoft PowerApps

Topic A – What is Microsoft PowerApps
Topic B – Licensing Requirements
Topic C – PowerApps Types
Topic D – Environments
Topic E – Data Connections

Module 2 – Building Custom Forms in SharePoint Using Canvas Apps

Topic A – Understanding Custom Forms in SharePoint
Topic B – Opening the Custom Form Designer
Topic C – Form Settings
Topic D – Screens
Topic E – Using Forms
Topic F – Using Images, Icons and Shapes
Topic G – Grouping and Renaming Objects
Topic H – Using Formulas in PowerApps
Topic I – Save and Publishing
Topic J – Form Settings and Version History

Module 3 – Building a Canvas App

Topic A – Canvas App Layouts
Topic B – Creating a Canvas App from an existing data connection
Topic C – Creating a Canvas App from an existing app template
Topic D – Creating a Canvas App from a Blank template
Topic E – Canvas App Sizes and Resolutions
Topic F – App Theme
Topic G – Buttons and Navigation
Topic H – Components
Topic I – Using Galleries
Topic J – Adding Sorting and Searching Features to an app
Topic K – Conditional Formatting
Topic L – Save and Publish
Topic M – Manage and Share Canvas Apps

Module 4 – Using Canvas Apps

Topic A – How Users can begin to use Canvas Apps
Topic B – Using Canvas Apps in SharePoint using Webparts
Topic C – Using Canvas Apps in Microsoft Teams
Topic D – Using Canvas Apps on Mobile and Tablets

Day 3 & 4

Module 1 – Introduction to Power Automate

Topic A – What Is Power Automate
Topic B – Licensing
Topic C – Data Connections
Topic D – Triggers & Actions
Topic E – Environments
Topic F – Roles and Permissions

Module 2 – Microsoft Power Automate Basics

Topic A – Opening and Using Power Automate
Topic B – Create Power Automate Workflows using templates
Topic C – Create Power Automate Workflows from scratch
Topic D – My Flows and Flow Details

Module 3 – SharePoint Data Connection within Power Automate

Topic A – SharePoint Triggers
Topic B – Building a SharePoint List Flow – Conditions
Topic C – Building a SharePoint Library Flow – Do Until
Topic D – Use Power Automate Modern Approvals

Module 4 – Office 365 & Power Automate

Topic A – Building a Microsoft Outlook Flow – Apply to Each
Topic B – Building a OneDrive Flow – Convert File
Topic C – Building a Microsoft Forms Flow – Switch
Topic D – Microsoft Teams Adaptive Cards

Module 5 – Buttons

Topic A – Button Types and Instant Flows
Topic B – Mobile Buttons
Topic C – Connecting Power Automate to PowerApps

Module 6 – Managing Power Automates

Topic A – Owners
Topic B – History
Topic C – Connections
Topic D – Analytics

What our clients say

The best online course I have attended by far. The trainer was very understanding, patient and accommodating. I feel very confident now using Microsoft Power Automate and Power Apps. The trainer also touched on other MS365 Platforms, to enable us the see the bigger picture. Overall, the topics were well explained and excellently delivered.

Virtual, Power App and Power Automate

We are happy to discuss a tailored course if the above does not meet your exact requirements.  Our aim is to ensure all of our clients get the best experience from our training and our trainers.  Contact us now to discuss course dates or call our office on 0800 107 6362.

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