Microsoft Teams End User Training

Microsoft Teams is the most rapidly growing product within Microsoft 365. Rapidly becoming a one-stop shop collaboration portal for any business. This course will cover how to use the application for chat, calls, video conferences, file sharing and all round collaborative working.

The Microsoft Teams End-User Training course is designed to give guidance and advice on how to use Microsoft Teams within your day-to-day lives.  Covering all areas that you may need from Chat to meetings and Document Collaboration.

This course is aimed to provide End-User and Power-Users with the skills and knowledge to expertly use Microsoft Teams, and to also help support and nurture others within their organisation.

In order to get the most from this course, users should be familiar with using a Windows 10 PC, Microsoft Office, and a modern web browser.

Duration – One Day

Capacity – Up to 10 Delegates

Module 1 – Introducing Microsoft Teams

1.1 – Introduction to Teams
1.2 – Using Teams Interface

  • Activity
  • Chat
  • Teams
  • Calls
  • Calendar
  • Files

1.3 – Creating a new Team

  • What type of Team you need to create
  • Adding users to your new Team

Module 2 – Chats

2.1 – Introduction to Chat
2.2 – How to create a Private Chat
2.3 – Adding users to a chat
2.4 – Sharing files in private chat
2.5 – Sharing screens win a private chat

Module 3 – Working as Team

3.1 – Overview of each Team
3.2 – Adding Channels to your Team
3.3 – Team Conversations
3.4 – Working collaboratively in Teams
3.5 – Adding users to your Team

Module 4 – Collaborative working in Teams

4.1 – How to manage Files in Teams

  • Creating Documents in Teams
  • Uploading Documents in Teams

4.2 – How to co-author files within Teams
4.3 – Holding conversations within a document in Teams
4.4 – Opening Files from Teams in SharePoint

Module 5 – Meetings with Teams

5.1 – The relationship between Outlook and Microsoft Teams
5.2 – Scheduling a Teams meeting via Outlook
5.3 – Scheduling a Teams meeting from Teams
5.4 – Teams meeting functionality

  • Video Meeting
  • Audio Meeting
  • Sharing screens in a meeting
  • Recording a meeting
Microsoft Teams Training Blackbird Corprate

We are happy to discuss a tailored course if the above does not meet your exact requirements.  Our aim is to ensure all of our clients get the best experience from our training and our trainers.  Contact us now to discuss course dates or call our office on 0800 107 6362.

Courses can be delivered with Virtual Training or onsite on client premises, unfortunately we do not offer public courses.

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