SharePoint Online Site Owner Training

Duration – 2 days

Capacity – Up to 10 Delegates

Audience –The SharePoint Online Site Owner training course is aimed at advanced users of SharePoint Online, who have a good understanding of how SharePoint works on a general level. This course is classed as a non-technical course.

This is a TWO DAY SharePoint Online Site Owner training course offering complete user functionality training on site creation/design and structure via front end functionality. During this course, users are taken through the best practice ways of using and working within a SharePoint Site. This is a non-technical course.

For more information Tel: Call us on 0800 107 6362 / / 01782 390130 to discuss the course further.

SharePoint Online Training Blackbird Corprate

Module 1 – Introduction to SharePoint for Admins

Topic A – What is Office 365?

  • Introduction to 365
  • Product & Offering Overview(Planner, SP, OneDrive etc)
  • 365 Benefits to the business

Topic B – What is SharePoint?

  • What is SharePoint breakdown of key features and benefits
  • Use Cases and examples
  • Product Comparisons
  • Key Building Blocks

Topic C – SharePoint Versions and Licenses

  • Overview of Licensing Costs and Plans
  • Benefits of Each plan
  • Short Term and Long Term Pros and Cons

Topic D – Connecting and Navigating

  • Overview of how to connect
  • Browser compatibility
  • Activity – Use each method of singing into O365
  • Office 365 Portal Page Explained
  • App Launcher Apps
  • Activity – Navigating to SharePoint

Topic E – SharePoint Terminology

  • Overview of Key Terminology ( Lists, Libraries, Content Types, Retention, etc)

Module 2 – Sites, Sub-sites and Architecture

Topic A – SharePoint Architecture

  • Overview of SharePoint Architecture
  • What are Hubs and Home Sites
  • Office 365 group sites.
  • Best Practices and Use Cases
  • Site Collections Vs Subsites
  • Storage Limits
  • Sharing Settings

Topic B – Creating a Team Site

  • What is a Team Site?
  • Team Site Layouts
  • Activity – Create a Site Collection using a Team Site Template
  • Activity – Create a Team Site Sub Site.
  • Converting Team Sites to O365 Groups

Topic C – Creating a Communication Site

  • What is a Communication Site?
  • Communication Site Layouts
  • Activity – Creating a Communication Site

Topic D – SharePoint Hub Sites

  • Overview of Hub Sites
  • Activity – Creating a Hub Site
  • Activity – Associate site collection with a hub Site
  • Activity – Remove site from a hub

Topic E – Navigation

  • Overview of Navigation Types
  • Benefits of Effective Navigation
  • Activity – Use and Modify Top  Link Bar
  • Activity – Use and Modify Quick Launch
  • Activity – Use and Modify Hub Site Navigation
  • App Launcher Custom Links
  • Web Part Navigation

Topic F – Change the Look of SharePoint Sites

  • Overview of Branding SharePoint
  • Activity – Change the Look of SharePoint
  • Overview of PowerShell and Site Themes
  • Custom Branding and Further Customisation Options
  • Adding a Logo

Topic G – Manage Site Regional Settings

  • Why change the Regional Settings
  • Activity – Change Regional Settings

Topic H – Managing Site Features

  • Overview of Site and Site Collection Features
  • Activity – Activate Document Sets

Topic I – Deleting Sites

  • Deleting Sites
  • Recycle Bin
  • Restoring Sites

Module 3 – Working with Pages and Web Parts

Topic A – SharePoint Page Types

  • Overview of Modern Page Types
  • Understanding the Pages Library

 Topic B – How to Create a New Page

  • Use Cases of Pages
  • Activity – Create a New Page
  • Activity – Update Page Details

Topic C – How to Edit Existing Pages

  • Activity – Modify Existing Pages
  • Page Version History
  • Restoring Previous Page History

Topic D – Changing the Columns and Rows on a page

  • Overview of Row and Column Layout Options
  • Activity – Add in Rows and Columns
  • Activity – Full Width Row
  • Activity – Vertical Section

Topic E – Save Page as a template

  • Activity – Save Page as a Template
  • Activity – View All Page Templates

Topic F – Adding, Configuring and removing Webparts on a page

  • What are Web Parts
  • Activity – Adding Web Parts
  • Activity – Removing Web Parts
  • Activity – Modify Existing Web Parts

Topic G – Removing Pages

  • Activity – Deleting Pages
  • Activity – Restoring Pages

Topic H – Page Analytics

  • Overview of available Analytics
  • Activity – View Analytics

Topic I – Set Page as Landing Page

  • Activity – Set Page as Homepage

Topic J – Adding Page to Navigation

  • Activity – Add page to Navigation
  • Activity – Share Pages

Module 4 – Using Library Apps

Topic A – Overview of Document Management

  • Introduction to Document Management
  • Key Features and Benefits
  • Best Practices and Examples of it.
  • Requirement Gathering

Topic B – Create a Document Library

  • Different Library Types
  • Activity – Create a Library
  • Library Settings and Configuration Options

Topic C – Uploading Documents to SharePoint

  • Overview of different upload methods
  • Activity – Drag and Drop
  • Activity – Upload Button
  • Activity – File Explorer

Topic D – Saving a Document to SharePoint

  • Difference Between Saving and Uploading
  • Activity – Save a file from Word Online
  • Activity – Save a file from Office Client

Topic E – Creating New Documents within SharePoint

  • Differences Between Office Online and Office Client
  • Activity – Create a File from Existing Template

Topic F – Document Template

  • What are Document Templates
  • Activity – Add a New Template
  • Activity – Update an Existing Template
  • Activity – Remove a Template

Topic G – Document Properties

  • Meta data and why it’s important
  • Use Cases and Benefits
  • Activity – Adding Properties to a file
  • What are Columns
  • Activity – Add a new column to the library.

Topic H – Editing Documents

  • Overview on how to edit documents
  • Activity – Edit Document in Browser
  • Activity – Edit Document in Client
  • Change Library Default Launch settings
  • Co-Authoring and Collaboration on Files

Topic I – Document Versioning and Commenting

  • What is versioning?
  • Best Practices
  • Activity – Versioning Settings
  • Activity – View Previous Versions
  • Activity – Restore Previous Versions
  • Activity – How to use Drafts
  • File Commenting

Topic J – Check-in and Check-out

  • What is Check-in and Check Out
  • Activity – Change Library check-in and checkout Settings
  • Activity – Using check-in and Checkout
  • Activity – Discard Checkout
  • Activity – Check-in Comments

Topic K – Content Approval

  • Document Approvals
  • Activity – Enable Document Approval
  • Activity – Using Document Approval

Topic L – Document Content Types

  • What are Content Types?
  • Benefits of Content Types
  • Content Type Hub
  • Activity – Create a New Content Type
  • Activity – Add a content type to a library
  • Activity – Using a Content Type

Topic M – Document Sets

  • What are Document Sets
  • Folders Vs Document Sets
  • Activity – Create and use Document Sets

Topic N – Deleting Documents and Document Recovery

  • Overview of Document Lifecycle
  • Recycle Bin Settings
  • Activity – Delete and Restore Files

Topic O – Sync with OneDrive

  • What is Sync
  • Limits and Thresholds
  • Activity – Sync Files to Computer
  • Activity – OneDrive Settings

Module 5 – Using List Apps

Topic A – Microsoft Lists

  • What are Lists
  • Benefits of Using Lists
  • Best Practices and Use Cases

Topic B – Create a list from a template

  • Overview of Templates
  • Activity – Create List from Template

Topic C – Create a list from an existing list

  • Activity – Create List from existing list

Topic D – Create a list from Excel

  • Activity – Create List from existing excel spreadsheet

Topic E – Create a list from scratch

  • Activity – Create List from existing list

Topic F – Creating and Modifying Columns

  • SharePoint List Column Types
  • Activity – Create Columns
  • Activity – Edit Existing Columns
  • Activity – Remove Existing Columns

Topic G – List Content Types

  • What are list content types
  • Benefits of content types
  • Activity – Create a List Content Type
  • Activity – Apply Content Types to a list
  • Activity – Modify Existing List content Type.

Topic H – Attach a Document to a List Item

  • Limits and Thresholds
  • Activity – Adding an attachment

Topic I – Import, Export List Data with Excel

  • Why Connect to Excel
  • Activity – Import Excel Data to SharePoint from Excel
  • Activity – Export SharePoint List data to Excel

Topic J – List Form Layout and Configuration

  • List Forms Explained
  • Activity – Changing Column Ordering on a Form
  • Activity – Apply Formatting

Module 6 – Creating and Using Views

Topic A – SharePoint Views

  • What are Views in SharePoint
  • Changing Views in SharePoint

Topic B – Creating a Sort view

  • Overview of Sort Order Views
  • Activity – Create a Sort View

Topic C – Creating a Filter view

  • Overview of Filtered Views
  • Activity – Create a Filtered View

Topic D – Creating a Custom Group by view

  • Overview of Grouped Views
  • Activity – Create a Grouped View

Topic E – Conditional Formatting

  • What is conditional formatting
  • Using Json
  • Column and Row Formatting
  • Activity – Creating a Conditional Formatted View

Topic F – Using Views on Web Parts

  • List and Library Web Part Views
  • Activity – Add a new view to an existing Web Part

Module 7 – Using Microsoft Power Automate

Topic A – Understanding Flow Basics

  • What is Microsoft Flow
  • Licensing
  • Connections
  • Use Cases

Topic B – Create a List Workflow

  • List Workflow Triggers
  • Activity – Create a List Flow

Topic C – Modern Approval

  • Microsoft Flow Modern Approval Overview
  • Activity – Create a Modern Approval Workflow

Module 8 – Permissions

Topic A – Understanding SharePoint Permissions

  • Overview
  • SharePoint Groups and Roles Explained
  • Best Practices
  • Governance

Topic B – Working with Groups

  • Activity – Create a SharePoint Group
  • Activity – Adding Users to Groups
  • Activity – Remove Users from Group
  • Activity – Deleting Groups

Topic C – Manage Site Permissions

  • Overview of Site Permissions
  • Inheritance of Site Permissions
  • Activity – Add a SharePoint Group
  • Activity – Change Permissions Levels for groups
  • Activity – Adding Users to Site Permissions
  • Activity – Removing Groups and Users from Site Permissions
  • Activity – Checking Users Permissions
  • Activity – Site Inheritance

Topic D – Managing List ,Library and Item Permissions

  • Overview of List, Library and Item Permissions
  • Inheritance of Permissions for Lists, Libraries and Items
  • Activity – Manage List, Library and Item Permissions
  • Activity – List, Library and Item Inheritance

Topic E – Permissions Levels

  • Overview of Permission Levels
  • Activity – View Existing Permission Levels
  • Activity – Add/Edit New Permission Level
  • Activity – Apply a New Level to a Group.

Topic F – Guest Users

  • What are Guest Users
  • Activity – Sharing Content with External Guests Users

Topic G – Sharing Content

  • Overview of Sharing Content
  • Sharing Controls (Expiration, Password Protection & Non Edit Share Links)
  • Activity  – Sharing Files with Users
  • Activity – Sharing Files with External Users
  • Activity – Sharing Files from within Office Client or Online

What our clients say

A great course delivered by Lisa, impossible to fault the enthusiasm, passion and knowledge she has for the course and everyone’s learning. Perfect for anyone wanting to improve their ability and knowledge of SharePoint whilst learning how other apps support or assist.

Virtual, SharePoint Online Team Site Owner Course

The training was really helpful, I have learned a lot during these two days and I feel comfortable using and navigating around Sharepoint. The trainer has been amazing, super friendly, helpful, patient and fun. A great week training with Lisa!!

Virtual, SharePoint Online Team Site Owner Course

Scott tailored the course based on our needs. He was very flexible in his approach to the training and we all feel as though we got a lot out of the sessions.

Virtual, SharePoint Training

Stuart is a great trainer, and I would have loved to do this training in person rather than online. One day perhaps!

Virtual, SharePoint Online Team Site Owner Course

Scott is a very knowledgeable trainer. He knows his stuff and has a very pleasant way of teaching others. He is patient, clear in his explanations and has a good sense of humour. He always goes above and beyond what can be expected of a trainer. It is a pleasure to attend his courses.

Virtual, SharePoint Site Owner Course

Lisa was a fabulous trainer, really helpful, and took the time to answer all questions, and provide applicable examples and / or demonstrations as required. She really helped me to understand a lot of the elements I had self-taught, and has given me a further understanding of how SharePoint interacts, and associated best practice techniques.

Virtual, SharePoint Online Site Owner Course

We are happy to discuss a tailored course if the above does not meet your exact requirements.  Our aim is to ensure all of our clients get the best experience from our training and our trainers.  Contact us now to discuss course dates or call our office on 0800 107 6362.

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