SharePoint Team Sites

There is one common issue we face with modern Architecture and it’s causing issues with data storage, governance and navigation. Do we use a SharePoint Team Site or do we create a SharePoint Team Site?

The issue is that the Site Templates are named the same and admins are creating the wrong template. So, we are going to go over how you can quickly sort your architecture and avoid making this common mistake.

When creating SharePoint Sites there are 3 basic options available and we want to ensure you are using the correct one.

Team Site (with a Microsoft 365 Group)

The number 1 common mistake people make is when they go into the SharePoint Admin Centre and create a Team Site. Admins, who are not as trained as they should be, expect that this will create just a SharePoint Site, however, what you quickly find out is that you get so much more than SharePoint… You are given a mailbox, Teams Channel, Planner, Stream Channel and more. This means that content can be spread out throughout Microsoft 365 and gives you more content to manage. The questions you should be considering when using this option are as follows;

Do you need a mailbox?

Do you need Microsoft teams?

Are you creating tasks?

Now, these are only some questions but what we are trying to make you aware of is that you are getting more than just a SharePoint Site. If users and admins are not fully trained to use groups then this option may not be for you. There is a lot of functionality that you may not have prepared for and, due to Data Security and Governance, data might be getting created without the appropriate measures being put in place, like retention or sensitivity for example. We are seeing Group Sites appearing more often than ever as people are being moved to the cloud. This may be internal IT or IT providers not having the correct experience to make the best site for your business and your staff. Microsoft 365 groups are incredible and it has a place in your business but, we want to make sure you know what this involves so, be prepared if you’re using groups.

Create a site
Create a team site

This Image below is a perfect example of what a Microsoft 365 group brings to the table and if you create 5 or 6 Groups you can see how much content you will need to manage.

Microsoft 365 Groups and related services

Team Site (with no 365 Group)

If you want to create a team site for the use of SharePoint only this can be easily missed but once we show you, it will help you pick the correct site for your needs. This is typically how most people should be using SharePoint, initially, if using it for intranets, Project Management and more, because it allows you to govern your content in SharePoint without including any of the other products associated with groups. These types of Team sites can be converted into Microsoft Groups at a later date, if required, by using the Site Settings option by an administrator. To create just a SharePoint Team site in the SharePoint Admin Centre click on the “Other Options” at the bottom of the create site dialog.

Create a site

You will now see “ANOTHER” Team site option but this one will create a SharePoint Team site with no Microsoft 365 Group. This is the option you will want to use when just needing a SharePoint Site.

Other options

Communication Site

The final SharePoint site is a communication site. This can also be created from the SharePoint Admin Centre and should be considered for most SharePoint architectures. It uses all of the basic SharePoint build blocks like lists, libraries and pages and is a very good template for intranets and Sites when information and data is being absorbed by users. So, a SharePoint communication site is an ideal place to broadcast information to others if you want to Share news, reports, status updates, and more, in a visually appealing format. Communication sites cannot be converted into a Microsoft 365 groups afterwards and are just SharePoint Only.

Communication site

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