Should you give feedback on your training? Do we want your feedback? The answer to both is YES!

All training providers need and want feedback from the delegates who have attended their training courses.  The feedback given by the people we train is the only way we know if we are delivering the correct course to the delegates.  Also, it lets us know if we need to review course content and course durations.

At Blackbird Corporate Ltd we work hard to make sure our courses are delivered at a pace that suits everyone and that the content is relevant to what the client needs.  However, there will be times that the wrong course may have been booked for the delegates attending.

Until we receive the feedback at the end of the course, we do not know how the delegates truly feel about the training course.

Yes, we can read body language when we are training in a classroom and we can read faces when we are delivering training via Microsoft Teams but, what we want and need is totally honest feedback.

You may find this strange but even negative feedback is good feedback.  As wonderful as it is to get 100% positive feedback, we know that not all courses will suit all attendees.  If we don’t get told about areas of a course that didn’t work for a delegate, we cannot address them.

Feedback also gives us details of any additional training that may be required.  As we know, SharePoint on its own can be daunting for some users and adding other M365 applications into the mix can open a can of worms, which could put users off using features and functionality that make their working lives easier.

Training feedback also gives your business information about how your staff felt about the training and areas that they may want to focus on going forward.

Don’t be afraid to give honest feedback following a training course.  Any professional trainer and training provider will appreciate it, even if it isn’t all positive.

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