Support Package Terms and Conditions


The response time of 24 hours is to confirm receipt of an issue and to review how the issue can be resolved. We will subsequently confirm by return communication how long it will take to resolve the issue that has been raised.

Blackbird Corporate will allocate a designated Microsoft Teams site for each client so that you (the client) can communicate with all the team.

To offer remote support we would require that our support team be given access rights to your SharePoint environment to assist with the required support.


All support supplied by Blackbird Corporate Ltd is deemed as User Support and general technical support.  If support is required to be escalated to Microsoft and any fee’s incurred by Blackbird Corporate Ltd in relation to the support, we will bill this back to the client.

You (the client) is solely responsible for all data and backups for your SharePoint environments.  Blackbird Corporate Ltd will take no responsibility for any data lost due to lack of backups by the client.

Blackbird Corporate Ltd will offer remote support to clients during the hours of 08:30 – 17:00 Monday to Friday for the duration of the package. Excluded dates: 24th – 26th December, 31st December – 2nd January.

Support hours not used will be rolled to the following month but will not increase to a level higher than the next level support package.  Example: If you (the client) book the basic support package and do not use the 15 hours for each month, these will roll over to the following month but we (Blackbird Corporate Ltd) will only roll over hours to a maximum of 29 hours.  Any subsequent hours not used will be lost.

Fees and Charges

All support packaged are offered on a MINIMUM 6-month term. All charges will be invoiced monthly with a 30 day payment policy. If a support contract is terminated within the contracted 6-month term a cancelation fee of 50% of the remaining term balance will be charged.

Any additional support hours over and above the contracted hours will be charged at £75 + vat per hour. Should you (the client) require a site visit over the contracted days these will be charged at £700 + vat per day.

If you (the client) book an extended support package (example: more than 6 months) and choose to pay the support fee’s in advance.  Any cancellation of contract prior to the agreed support contract length will result in used hours being calculated and deducted from the balance along with a 50% cancellation fee of the remaining support contract.

Contract Renewals

Contracts are not automatically renewed, and all clients will be contacted one month prior to the end of their contract to confirm if they wish to extend the contract further.


We will keep all information relating to your affairs confidential and we will not disclose your confidential information to others. If, on your authority, we are working in conjunction with other advisors instructed by you (either directly or through us), we will assume that we may disclose any relevant aspect of your affairs to them.

Data protection

In the course of providing our support services to you, we may hold personal information about you (the client), your officers and/or your employees. We will use such personal information to provide advice to you and for related services including updating and enhancing our customer records and analysis to help us manage our services. We will never share your personal data with any third-party organisation.  The exception to this rule will be if we are required to communicate with Microsoft on your behalf.

All data used by us (Blackbird Corporate Ltd) during the duration of the support package will either be returned to the client on completion of contract or permanently deleted from out support network.