SharePoint 2016 Training and Consultancy


We offer a range of SharePoint 216 Training Courses and Consultancy services but first, here are some questions that you may ask before you implement SharePoint:

What strategy do you have in place for the roll out of SharePoint 2016?

Why does your business need a SharePoint strategy?

What training plan have you put into place to make sure that your staff are up to date with the new features available?

Who is going to project lead the roll out and support your business during ‘Go Live’?

At Blackbird Corporate Ltd we have experienced consultants and trainers on hand to help make sure you are getting the most out of your environment.  Our consultants work with major businesses throughout the UK and the world on everything from creating a SharePoint strategy on how to implement SharePoint, to working being based in-house with the project team to roll out the project.

Consultancy Services we offer:

Strategy Building

SharePoint Implementation and Configuration

Intranet Site Design (Out of the box with minimal development work required)

Document Management Set up and Configuration

Custom Workflow Design and Creation

SharePoint Project Management

SharePoint Training 2016 Courses we offer:

Strategy Day

End User Training

Site Owner Training

Site Collection Administration Training

SharePoint 2016 Training

To book your SharePoint 2016 Training course contact a member of our training team on 0800 107 6362 or complete the enquiry form on the page. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with our latest news.