SharePoint Online User Training 

Duration – One Day

Timings – 10:00 – 16:00

Delivery Method: Via MS Teams Online.  Each delegate will be given access to a live training environment.  Even though this course is delivered via online training it will still have a classroom feel with video feed to the trainer and hands on training via the training environment.

Max number of delegates: 8

Requirements for delegates: Internet Access, Video and Audio capability on training laptop/PC

Audience – This course is aimed at all users of SharePoint Online and is classed as a non-technical course.

Course Cost: £750 + VAT

Courseware: Courseware will be provided electronically

For more information Tel: Call us on 0800 107 6362 / / 01782 390130 to discuss the course further.

Module 1 – Introduction to SharePoint for End Users

1.1 – What is SharePoint and how does it work with Microsoft 365?
1.2 – SharePoint site hierarchy
1.3 – SharePoint Terminology
1.5 – SharePoint Family Structure
1.6 – Understanding permission structures in SharePoint
1.6 – Best Practice of using SharePoint

Module 2 – Working with Documents in a SharePoint Environment

2.1 – Understanding library app functions and navigation
2.2 – Uploading single documents into a document library
2.3 – Uploading multiple documents into a document library
2.4 – Adding metadata to an existing document in a library
2.5 – Connecting libraries to Microsoft Office
2.6 – Creating documentation directly within a SharePoint library
2.7 – Best practice of editing documents in a SharePoint library
2.8 – Understanding best practice of versioning in SharePoint
2.9 – Sharing documents from a library via email
2.10 – Exporting library information into Microsoft Excel
2.11 – Understanding the recycle bin policies
2.12 – Deleting information from a library
2.13 – Retrieving information from the Site recycle bin

Module 3 – Using the View functionality

3.1 – ‘What are views?’ and how they can be used
3.2 – Creating a new view layout – In a document library or List
3.3 – Creating a ‘Filter By’ view
3.4 – Collating data in a ‘Group By’ view
3.5 – How to modify an existing view
3.6 – How to remove an existing view

Module 4 – Understanding and Using Document Sets

4.1 – ‘What is a Document Set?’
4.2 – Creating a Document Set in a library
4.3 – Uploading data into a Document Set
4.4 – Creating documents in a Document Set

Module 5 – Creating Alerts to track information in SharePoint

5.1 – Introduction on Alert functionality
5.2 – Creating an Alert to track data in a library
5.3 – Creating an Alert to track changes on individual items
5.4 – Managing Alerts within a SharePoint Site

Module 6 – Understand List Apps in a SharePoint Environment

6.1 – Introduction into the List apps.
6.2 – Calendar App and its functionality in SharePoint
6.3 – Connecting SharePoint Calendar to a Microsoft Outlook Calendar
6.4 – Using a Task App and understanding its functionality
6.5 – Syncing a SharePoint Task List App to Microsoft Outlook
6.6 – Understanding a Discussion Board
6.7 – Using the Announcement App on a SharePoint Site

Module 7 – SharePoint and Delve

7.1 – What is Delve
7.2 – How SharePoint connects with Delve
7.3 – User profiles in Delve

Module 8 – SharePoint and OneDrive

8.1 – What is OneDrive and how can it work with SharePoint
8.2 – Sync OneDrive for Business to SharePoint Libraries

We are here to support you to make sure that your business has a smooth transition into the world of SharePoint.

We are happy to discuss a tailored course if the above does not meet your exact requirements.  Our aim is to ensure all of our clients get the best experience from our training and our trainers.  Contact us now to discuss course dates or call our office on 0800 107 6362.

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