PowerApps Online Training Course

Duration:  Two Days

Timings: 10:00 – 16:00

Course Description: This is a two-day course covering the functionality of PowerApps. The course is instructor lead and demonstrates how to create and build specific functionality using Microsoft PowerApps for End User Forms and Apps using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Delivery Method: Via MS Teams Online.  Each delegate will be given access to a live training environment.  Even though this course is delivered via online training it will still have a classroom feel with video feed to the trainer and hands on training via the training environment.

Max number of delegates – 6

Audience: This PowerApps training course is aimed at more experienced SharePoint and M365 Users looking to utilise the Microsoft PowerApps.

Requirements for delegates: Internet Access, Video and Audio capability on training laptop/PC

Course Cost: £1500 + VAT

Courseware: Courseware will be provided electronically

Module 1 – Introduction to Microsoft PowerApps

1.1 – What is Microsoft PowerApps
1.2 – PowerApps and SharePoint
1.3 – PowerApps outside of Microsoft 365
1.4 – Licensing Requirements
1.5 – PowerApps for Mobile
1.6 – PowerApps Editor for Desktop

Module 2 – The Basics of Custom Forms

2.1 – Opening the Custom Form Designer
2.2 – Using the Custom Form Tools
2.3 – Form Size and Layout Options
2.4 – Screens
2.5 – Form Types
2.6 – Data Cards
2.7 – Column Snapping
2.8 – DataCardValue Properties
2.9 – Adding Images and Icons
2.10 – Save and Publishing

Module 3 – Advanced Custom Form Features

3.1 – Prepopulate Columns with User Data
3.2 – Visibility
3.3 – Rules
3.4 – SharePoint Custom Form Options

Module 4 – PowerApps Using SharePoint Data Connection

4.1 – Create a PowerApp from SharePoint
4.2 – Creating PowerApp from Blank Template
4.3 – Screen Sizes and Resolutions
4.4 – Theme and Branding Options
4.5 – Screens and Transitions
4.6 – Using and Configuring Search within a PowerApp
4.7 – Using PowerApp Controls
4.8 – Using Pen Inputs
4.8 – Save and Publish

Module 5 – Using PowerApps

5.1 – Using PowerApps on Mobile
5.2 – Using PowerApps on Desktop
5.3 – Creating SharePoint Navigation to PowerApps

Module 6 – Creating PowerApps outside of SharePoint

6.1 – Create and run an app from a template
6.2 – Generate an app from Excel data
6.3 – Create an app from scratch connecting to Excel Data

We are happy to discuss a tailored course if the above does not meet your exact requirements.  Our aim is to ensure all of our clients get the best experience from our training and our trainers.  Contact us now to discuss course dates training@blackbirdcorporate.co.uk or call our office on 0800 107 6362.

Courses can be delivered with Virtual Training or onsite on client premises, unfortunately we do not offer public courses.

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