A number of organisations have adopted M365 over the last 18 – 20 months since Covid-19 took hold.  Most have had to make these changes very quickly and without the users having the formal training required to get the best out of the new platform(s) they are using.  Now businesses are realising that there is more to what they have and want to learn, which we think is brilliant.

Our big question is – Have you got the right training?

Here are a few things to think about when booking training:


Client – We need training on SharePoint?

Blackbird Corporate Ltd: Wonderful

  1. What level of training do you want to give the delegates? End User/Site Owner/Admin?
  2. Which version of SharePoint does the business work with? SharePoint 2016? SharePoint 2019? SharePoint Online?
  3. Are you using the stand alone SharePoint Administration Centre to manage your SharePoint Sites or are you using Team Group Sites?
  4. How is your current architecture set up?

This is the stage that things get confusing, especially if the client thinks they are using SharePoint Online.  When in actual fact they are using Team Group Sites and not the main SharePoint Fundamental Sites.

Most of the training for both types of sites are similar but not all of it.  Do not be afraid to ask questions about the course to confirm it is correct for your business.


Microsoft Teams

Client – We have been using Teams since lockdown started but feel we need End User Training on it now.

Blackbird Corporate Ltd – If you have been using Teams for the last 18 months, we wouldn’t feel that the End User training would benefit the business as users have already got to grips with the day to day workings of Teams.

  1. What areas of Teams are users struggling with?
  2. Do they need to know about new features and functionality?
  3. Would a tailored course be of more benefit?
  4. Do they need to understand the connection between Teams and Team Group Sites?

Don’t look at a course and immediately think ‘That is the course we need’!  It is better explaining the exact requirements and receive the correct training rather than potentially having to pay for two courses to achieve the same goal a tailored course can offer.


Power Automate Training

Client – We want to train staff on how to create workflows.

Blackbird Corporate Ltd – The world of automation in M365 is fantastic, and we are sure the business will gain a lot by using it.

  1. What skill set do the delegates have when it comes to using Power Automate and 365?
  2. What types of areas are you looking to use Power Automate for?
  3. Are you looking for basics automated processes or something more elaborate?

The below rules apply no matter what M365 course you are booking:

  • Talk your requirements through with the training provider, you never know, they may be able to save you some money. One course doesn’t fit all.
  • Ask questions relating to the course content. There may be areas that you don’t need and then the course can be tailored.
  • Try not to squeeze too many people on a course thinking you will get more value for money. The more people, the less interaction and less is then learnt.  This will cost you more in the long run.
  • Speak to the staff and get their thoughts on the training they need and want.
  • Think of the skill set of the users you are sending on a training course. Always aim to match the course to the user’s skill level.


The world of M365 is a large and sometimes confusing place.  That is why companies like ours are here to help you and your business find your way through.

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