Knowledge is Power

The more you know the better the system will work for you.  This is why gaining the knowledge of how to use SharePoint and key Microsoft 365 applications is important for any business and user.

Whether you are an end user or a member of IT looking after the Central Administration for an organisation.  The more you know the better the experience of working with SharePoint and Microsoft 365 will be.

Working with each application in M365 comes with its own challenges and rewards.  The challenge can be learning all the features and capabilities of the application but once you have learnt the right way of using then the rewards will keep coming.

Take SharePoint for example.  Most people look at SharePoint as a cloud based server for storing documents.  Yes, this is one thing that SharePoint does but it can offer so much more to any organisation that uses it.  If you learn how to get as much out of SharePoint as it can offer, the more power you will have in the platform.

Power Automate is not just a workflow as most people know it.  This amazing tool can transform the way a business operates.  The use of Power Automate can reduce the requirement of hard copy printed documents that need signed.  This on its own becomes a financial saving to a business and ultimately a little bit greener to the environment.

Microsoft Forms is a much underutilised tool in the M365 arsenal. This fantastic application allows you to create custom designed forms for internal and external use.  Create surveys that are analysed automatically for you.  You can even create quizzes for the business to gain more engagement from the users.

The way to get complete power over a M365 platform is to learn how all the applications you have with your business license can be integrated and work smoothly together.

Do you and your business want the ‘Power’?  Of course you do!

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