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We know that we offer some of the best SharePoint Training and Consultancy in the UK, but done just take our word for it.  Below are testimonials from some of the clients and industries that we have worked with over the years.  Training and consulting on all versions of SharePoint and as you can see offering the best service possible to our clients.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Stuart for last week’s training. We had a lot to learn (and still do!) but he was so knowledgeable, willing to answer any questions and even go as far as making some good suggestions for us. We will definitely be in touch in the not too distant future. Thanks again

Jersey, O365/SharePoint Online Training

I liked Lisa’s working style and presentation skills. Lisa was very helpful and incredibly patient (which was essential) and was constantly available to offer assistance. Lisa is clearly very knowledgeable, experienced and has great interpersonal skills.

Medical Industry, London (SharePoint 2016 (Server) Power User Course)

It is the most useful and relevant SP training I have ever received. Thank you

Medical Industry, London (SharePoint 2016 (Server) Power User Course)

I attended a three day Power User Course.  Thank you to the trainer who made the course enjoyable and easy to follow.  I found the course very useful and engaging.

Miss Dhillon, (SharePoint Online O365)

We have worked very closely with Blackbird Corporate for over 24 months on the implementation of our new SharePoint based Intranet and DMS. The training and support that we have received has been second to none. Our team are now really looking forward to working with our new system. Having the option of combined training and consultancy has helped our business move quickly on implementing SharePoint.

Mr Lyons, Aviation Industry (SharePoint 2010)

We worked with Blackbird Corporate on the implementation of our new SharePoint system. We utilized their experience in consultancy and training. The service was very good and all training delivered on time. Our delegates enjoyed being trained by a company so enthusiastic about SharePoint and it definitely rubbed off on everyone during the training.

Mrs Hamilton, Finance Industry (SharePoint 2010)

I would like to thank Blackbird Corporate for their professional approach to the training needs of our business. You have now given us lots to think about regarding implementing our new SharePoint environment.

Mr Taylor, Market Research Organisation (SharePoint 2013)

The training we received from the team at Blackbird Corporate was excellent.  I really enjoyed the course and felt that I have learnt so much more than whit I already knew.  I would recommend the Site Owner/Power User course to anyone wanting to gain more knowledge on what SharePoint is capable of.

Miss Tough, Automotive Industry. (SharePoint 2013)

I attended a SharePoint overview day as our business is rolling out SharePoint.  The trainer from Blackbird Corporate was excellent.  Covering all areas of SharePoint and splitting the day into manageable sections of information which let me understand what the system is capable of and how I could use it for my business sector.  I would definitely recommend Blackbird Corporate to other companies.

Mrs Wright, Medical Industry

We do not only offer training, we offer our clients the whole SharePoint Package.  Our consultants and trainers will work with your business to ensure you get the service your business needs to get the most out of SharePoint.  Once we have delivered the service you were looking for your testimonial could show other businesses why they should use us.

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