SharePoint 2016 Roll Out Strategy

Our SharePoint 2016 Roll Out Strategy Course has been created to guide you through the process of creating a workable and effective SharePoint strategy for your business. It highlights all of the different areas that require planning to create an effective strategy.  During the day we will scope out all of the areas that your business needs to focus on when considering implementing SharePoint.

Duration – 1 day

Max number of delegates – 10

Over the course of the day we will cover:

1. Information Architecture
2. Project Management
3. Site Policies
4. Deployment and configuration
5. Code Management
6. Branding
7. Testing
8. Information Management
9. Operational Concerns
10. Training
11. Site Taxonomy

By the end of the day, the team will be equipped with the knowledge to put together a full SharePoint Strategy to match your business requirements.

Our SharePoint expert will be on-site for the day to give your project team guidance and time to discuss any areas that they have concerns with regarding SharePoint and the forth coming roll out to the business.

We are here to support you to make sure that your business has a smooth transition into the world of SharePoint.

To book your SharePoint 2016 Roll Out strategy day contact a member of our training team on 01383 754674 or complete the enquiry form on the page.

SharePoint 2016 Roll OUt Strategy

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