SharePoint 2010 Training

Blackbird Corporate offers companies a cost effective way of training their staff in SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint is a web application platform developed by Microsoft. First launched in 2001, SharePoint has historically been associated with intranet content management and document management, but recent versions have significantly broader capabilities.

Blackbird Corporate can help how?

We will train your staff to the highest level. Showing them the best ways to use your in-house SharePoint system.

We work directly with your SharePoint system so that your staff are working with the same system that they will be using when they return to their desks.

Below you will see the various SharePoint Training Courses we can offer you.

SharePoint 2010 End User Training

SharePoint 2010 Power User Training

SharePoint 2010 Site Collection Administrator

SharePoint 2010 Designer Introductory Level Training

InfoPath 2010 Training

SharePoint 2010 Designer and InfoPath Course outlines are available on request

We can also offer customised SharePoint courses to meet your own requirements. All courseware will be branded with your own company information so that it is specific to you. All screen shots will be taken from your system so that there is consistancy from the SharePoint training manuals and the screen your staff are being trained on.

If you’re interested in working with a professional company that can offer excellent SharePoint Training then contact our team on 01383 745674 or email who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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